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The Refuge Fellowship is a culture of shared values and priorities

It is a place where people have met Jesus in life-transforming ways (… this is why on most Sundays we let some individual share their story of how God radically transformed their life).


It is a place where people strive to know the Bible deeply        (… it’s fairly normal around the Refuge for disciples to learn lots of Scripture by heart).

It is a culture where people love each other (… our church isn’t just Sundays. We are a family and so our community functions all week).

It is a culture of prayer, because we know that prayer moves God’s powerful hand (… it's not uncommon for those in the Refuge to spend large chunks of time in prayer alone and with others).

It is a culture of compassion (… around here we rejoice when God brings the broken, the poor, the addicted, and the oppressed through our doors, because we expect miracles).

New book is out!

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There is a widespread hunger for something more among young Bible-believing Christians today. Could it be that the "more" they are seeking is closer than they think- the lost writings of the great Christians of days gone by? Anyone who will examine the evidence for themselves will find that the men and women who started many of our Bible-believing denominations, schools, and ministry organizations had a radically different approach to the Christian life … and they saw the heavens open. 

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We have worship, teaching and a meal together every Sunday at 10:30am at the Green Valley Community Center in Manhattan KS. For those unable to attend in person join us on Zoom. Click to join the Zoom Meeting at 10:30am! Come join us! 


Prayer is the essential function of the church. We gather every Tuesday at 6:30pm at College Heights Baptist Church (2320 Anderson Ave, Manhattan, KS) to do just that! For those unable to attend in person, join us on Zoom!  Click to join the prayer meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesdays. 


Learning is a key element of what we are doing as a church! Saturday seminars are a part of the Discipleship Intensive course and are at 8-10:30am at the Corner House in Manhattan KS (1801 Anderson). Unable to attend in person, join on Zoom! 

Seminars are starting 09-09-2023

Recent Photos from the community

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